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November 8

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1873 accident
*[[The_Severn_Valley_Railway_under_GWR/BR_ownership#Accidents | 1866]] A goods train from Buildwas ran through signals approaching Bewdley and collided with a standing goods train.<ref>[[Bibliography#Books|Marshall (1989)]] p. 121.</ref>
*1873 The driving axle of a locomotive hauling a passenger train between Tenbury and Bewdley broke, damaging the track and bringing the train to a halt.<ref>[ Todmorden & District News Friday 14 November 1873]</ref>
*1962 A meeting of the TUCC took place at Bridgnorth Town Hall to hear opinions on the proposed closure of the Severn Valley branch.<ref>[[Bibliography#Books|Magner (1997)]] p. 26.</ref>
*[[Severn Valley Railway Timeline 1990-1999#1993|1993]] The SVR learned that BR planned to auction off the land they had leased to build Kidderminster Town station.<ref>SVR News 109</ref>

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