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Tenbury Branch

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The pillars of [[File:Dowles Bridge on .jpg|thumb|200px|right|Bridge piers of the Wyre Forest Line in the old River Severn]]The Tenbury Branch was the term commonly used to describe the connection from [[Bewdley]] to the '[[Wyre Forest Line]] ', which ran to Tenbury via the former Tenbury & Bewdley Railway and onward to Woofferton via the former Tenbury Railway. The connection at Woofferton was likewise referred to as the 'Bewdley Branch'. The Tenbury Branch crossed the River Severn around a mile north of Bewdley. The pillars of [[Dowles Bridge]] can still be seen in the River Severnriver, although the deck has been was removedin 1966 after final closure of the line the year before.<br> The short remaining length of former Tenbury Branch track remaining immediately north of Bewdley is used as a siding at [[Bewdley]].
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