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Believed to be sold awaiting collection.
In 1985, 410 and 436 appeared on the main line when they were used used in the [[The Severn Valley Railway on the main line#SVR Wagons used on the main line in preservation| GW 150 demonstration freight train]] which ran to Newport behind [[2857|GWR freight loco 2857]].<ref>SVR News 78</ref>
The wagons have seen saw regular use on Permanent Way duties on the railway, and are normally stabled along the line, often at [[Eardington]]. The SVR also has a number of until superseded by other larger ballast hoppers, including a 24 ton [[BR 'Dogfish' Ballast Hopper Wagons|BR 'Dogfish' Ballast Hopper Wagon]] and six 40 ton [[BR 'Seacow' 40t Bogie Ballast Hoppers| BR 'Seacow' 40t Ballast Hoppers]]. On 8 May 2021 they were moved to the [[Stourport Triangle]].
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