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Underbridge off Lisle Avenue

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[[File: Bridge_4_20150606.jpg |thumb|300px|right| Underbridge off Lisle Avenue]]
The '''Underbridge off Lisle Avenue''' (Bridge 4 ) gives access to a commercial property at the end of Lisle Avenue, off the A451 Stourport Road.Pictured from street level, with [[Falling Sands Viaduct]] to the left and the former [[Foley Park sidings]] to the right.  In winter 2019-20 the opportunity was taken to install a set of points at [[Foley Park]] for future use with a siding or carriage shed. The new points are situated a few yards west of the underbridge, the parapet of which can be seen in the picture below. <gallery mode=packed heights=250px style="text-align:left">Foley_Park_Points_20200912.jpg|The underbridge is just beyond the points with Falling Sands Viaduct in the distance.</gallery>
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