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==Legal Charge==
On 8 August 1988 [[Severn Valley Railway (Holdings) PLC]] gave a Legal Charge in favour of the County Council of Hereford & Worcester in respect of "All that land at Bewdley containing six point seven acres or thereabouts together with the buildings erected thereon." The charge was given as security against "All monies due or to become due from the company to the chargee under the terms of agreement dated 10.5.88." {{As of|20202021}} its status was is shown as 'Outstanding'.<ref>[] (Retrieved 13 December 2020)</ref> The Council itself was abolished in 1998 and reverted to the two separate historic counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire.
!Name!!Born !! data-sort-type="date" | From !! data-sort-type="date" | To !! Comments
|Thomas Appleton||26 April 1826 Newton-Le-Willows, Lancashire|| data-sort-value="1/8/1863" | August 1863||data-sort-value="31/1/1897" | 31 January 1897||Joined West Midland Railway October 19541854. Retired 1897. Died 17 April 1906, Worcester
|George Smith||14 January 1867 Shipton Oxfordshire||data-sort-value="1/9/1898" | September 1898||data-sort-value="1/12/1909" | 1 December 1909||Started work 6 November 1882. Station Master at Bridgnorth circa 1917
Trustworthy, administrator

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