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==Legal Charge==
On 8 August 1988 [[Severn Valley Railway (Holdings) PLC]] gave a Legal Charge in favour of the County Council of Hereford & Worcester in respect of "All that land at Bewdley containing six point seven acres or thereabouts together with the buildings erected thereon." The charge was given as security against "All monies due or to become due from the company to the chargee under the terms of agreement dated 10.5.88." {{As of|20202021}} its status was is shown as 'Outstanding'.<ref>[] (Retrieved 13 December 2020)</ref> The Council itself was abolished in 1998 and reverted to the two separate historic counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire.
Bewdley has limited public pay and display parking. Three [[List of shops | sales coaches]] run by support groups are adjacent to the car park.
In March 2018 the buffet adjacent to Platform 1 (but not the more recent toilet block and kitchen) was closed pending demolition of the buffet building, which took place from 16-19 July. [[BR 4593 Tourist Standard Open]] was moved to the dock in front of the buffet to be used as seating for staff and the public, with table service provided from the kitchen. In January 2020 a prefabricated timber buffet building was installed on the concrete plinth of the old buffet building, and 4593 was removed.
== Points of interest ==
*1877: In preparation for the delayed opening of the Kidderminster Loop, authorisation was given to enlarge the island platform and provide a shelter and footbridge. New Bewdley North and Bewdley South signal boxes were also built.
*1878: The Kidderminster Loop opened on 1 June.
*1900: Authorisation was given for additional siding space including the [[Rock Siding]] at the back of Platform 3 and the siding along the far side of the yard.*1922: [[SVR staff in 1922#Severn Valley Railway (Kidderminster to Bridgnorth)|GWR staff records]] show the station had a staff of 19.
*1962: Passenger services to Tenbury ceased on 31 July<ref>[[Bibliography#Books|Beddoes and Smith ((1995)]] p. 193.</ref> (services beyond Tenbury to Woofferton had ended a year earlier).
*1963: Passenger services towards Shrewsbury ceased on 9 September, with through freight services ending at the end of November. The Public Notice announcing closure of the line can be seen behind the ‘Platform 1’ sign in the photograph to the right (a copy of the closure notice is on display in [[The Engine House]]).
File:Bewdley ambulance.jpg | Plan showing ambulance in Down Yard
{| class="wikitable
|+ Early Station Masters at Bewdley prior to 1939
!Name!!Born !! data-sort-type="date" | From !! data-sort-type="date" | To !! Comments
|Thomas Appleton||26 April 1826 Newton-Le-Willows, Lancashire|| data-sort-value="1/8/1863" | August 1863||data-sort-value="31/1/1897" | 31 January 1897||Joined West Midland Railway October 1854. Retired 1897. Died 17 April 1906, Worcester
|George Smith||14 January 1867 Shipton Oxfordshire||data-sort-value="1/9/1898" | September 1898||data-sort-value="1/12/1909" | 1 December 1909||Started work 6 November 1882. Station Master at Bridgnorth circa 1917
|Frederick William Augustus Hallett||12 August 1868 Batheaston, Somerset||data-sort-value="1/12/1910" | 1 December 1910||data-sort-value="23/7/1914" | 23 July 1914||Started work 9 January 1882. Died in 1914 in nursing home at Proud Cross, Kidderminster
|Ernest James Neate Carter||21 September 1879 Slough, Buckinghamshire||data-sort-value="1/1/1914" | 1914?|| data-sort-value="1/1/1926" | 1926?||Started work 10 September 1894. Died 7 November 1959
|George William Lane||31 May 1872 Hartlebury, Worcestershire||data-sort-value="1/1/1924" | After 1924|| ||Started work 31 May 1872. Employed at Bewdley as a passenger clerk between December 1896 and October 1899. Died 9 January 1961
{| class="wikitable"
|+ Traffic statistics for Bewdley (including Northwood Halt), selected years prior to 1939
<references />
Early Station Masters data taken from census and GWR staff records by Reg Instone, who is involved with the Signalling Records Society, the LNWR Society and the GWR Study Group.
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