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GWR 1450

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Mike Little is now sole director of Push Pull Limited
==1450 in preservation==
1450 spent her early life in preservation at the Dart Valley Railway (now the South Devon Railway).<ref>[ SDR web site], retrieved 25 January 2015.</ref> She was purchased in 2001-02 by her present owner [[Pull Push Limited]], of whom Mike Little is a sole director, and re-located to the Dean Forest Railway.
1450 arrived at the SVR from the DFR in March 2014, initially on hire for the year. Subsequently 1450 has been listed as part of the home fleet. Although not powerful enough to haul service trains on her own 1450 did so in 2014, double heading with [[4566]] to provide the required power, due to a number of ongoing locomotive repairs leaving the SVR unexpectedly short on engines. The locomotive is regularly used on Footplate Experience duties, as well as appearing on charters and at galas on the SVR and elsewhere. She is often paired with the owner's autocoaches [[GWR 178 Autotrailer Third | 178]] and [[GWR 238 Autotrailer Third | 238]] which are also resident on the SVR.
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