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Water towers: Plan to remove water tower
==== Water towers ====
Two water towers at the southern end of Platforms 2&3 and in the MPD area allow watering of locomotives. The tower on the island platform is of GWR origin and was recovered from Stow Heath yard, Bilston in 1969. The tower next to the MPD is of LNWR origin and was retrieved from Hadley, near Wellington, in October 1972<ref>SVR News 29</ref>. Both columns were installed during the winter of 1973-74<ref>SVR News 31</ref>. Unlike at Bridgnorth and Kidderminster, the water supply at Bewdley is not specially treated, and so the columns are only used on rare occasions such as galas.
In October 2020 the [[Charitable Trust]] announced a project to improve wheelchair access to the island platform via the barrow crossing next to the MPD. The announcement noted that "''The SVR also aim to remove the water tower at the base of the platform ramp as it is causing an obstruction and puddles on the access route. This water tower is not an original feature, but was a later addition, installed during the preservation era, that is no longer essential to operations. This will be relocated to [[Highley|Highley Station]]''."<ref>[ Charitable Trust 2020 News page]</ref>
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