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GWR Pannier 1501

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During 2009, plans for an overhaul of [[BR Riddles 4MT 75069 | 75069]] were delayed after a review of the boiler revealed that significant work would be required.<ref>SVR News 168</ref> 1501 was seen as a potential quick turnaround,<ref>SVR News 169</ref> and the locomotive left the Engine House in October 2009<ref>Wikipedia</ref> to begin an overhaul. 1501 was steamed again on 15 August 2012, re-entering service in BR lined black livery which, although not normally appropriate for shunting engines, was carried by 1503 and 1505 while at Old Oak Common.<ref>SVR News 179</ref>
A Valve and Piston overhaul in 2020 was completed in August 2020, only for a severe crack to be discovered in the right hand return crank. Fortunately, a replacement return crank was in store from its long scrapped sisters at Coventry Colliery.<ref>[ Branch Lines newsletter, September 2020] (Retrieved 29 August 2020)</ref>
In service on the SVR, 1501 has proved a powerful locomotive for its size, acquiring the nickname “the raging bull”. At the end of 2019, 1501 had recorded a total of 98,933 miles in preservation on the SVR. The reported total may include mileage on hire to other railways.<ref>SVR News 210, SVR-based Steam Locomotive Mileage 2017-2019, Duncan Ballard</ref> The locomotive is owned by the [[1501 Pannier Tank Association]].
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