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SR 34053 Sir Keith Park

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On 31 August 2013 a recommissioning ceremony was held at [[Kidderminster]] attended by three aircrew who served during the Battle of Britain and the New Zealand High Commissioner, Sir Lockwood Smith. The return to [[Kidderminster]] saw the New Zealand High Commissioner on the footplate. The ceremony welcome pack can be viewed [ here].
In August 2017 the SVR announced it had mutually agreed with [[Southern Locomotives Limited|SLL]] that the option to renew would not be actioned at the end of 2017, with 34053 moving to the Swanage Railway for the rest of the locomotive's certificate.<ref>[ SVRLive 23 August 2017]</ref> SKP ran her last SVR services on 2 January before winter maintenance works and her move to Swanage on 10 January 2018.<ref>SVR News 200</ref> 34053 recorded a total of 41,405 miles in preservation on the SVR. The reported total may include mileage on hire to other railways while resident here<ref>SVR News 210, SVR-based Steam Locomotive Mileage 2017-2019, Duncan Ballard.</ref>SKP moved to the Spa Val;ley Railway in the summer of 2020.
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