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GWR 2857 Heavy Goods Loco

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===Continued restoration and first full boiler ticket===
[[File:2857 mainline Dave Hill 1.jpg|thumb|300px|right|2857 passes Clun castle near Newport]]
At the end of 1980 the SVR announced that preserved boilers on the railway needed to be brought up to 1980’s BR standards. The owning group therefore resumed the restoration, with the boiler being overhauled by the SVR as a contract job and the opportunity being taken to fit the replacement cylinder block among many other tasks. In spring 1984 a [[:Category:SVR fundraising lotteries|raffle organised by the SVRA Wolverhampton Branch]] was held to raise funds to help complete the restoration.<ref>SVR News 71, 74</ref>
File:2857_Number_20110923.jpg| 2857 cab side with 'X' denoting modified power restriction (see introduction)
File:GWR2857MattHyatt.jpg | 2857 with its 100 headcode
File:2857 mainline Dave Hill 3.jpg | 2857 on the mainline during the GW 150 celebrations

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