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DRG 64 305

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This locomotive was built by the German firm of Krupp in 1934 for the German state railway Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft (DRG). The DRG Class 64 was a standard passenger train tank engine with a wheel arrangement of 1'C1' ([[UIC classification]]) or 2-6-2 ([[Whyte notation]]).
Number 305 was purchased for use on the SVR by the ‘German 064 Klasse Fund’ in September 1974, and moved from Weiden depot near the Czech border to Stolberg. In June 1975 a move to Zebrugge Zeebrugge took place, with the locomotive being shipped by sea to Harwich. The locomotive finally arrived at the SVR several weeks later on 16 July 1975, after a delay in finding a suitable road route for the final part of the journey.
The locomotive was steamed later in 1975, and recorded 5 miles of travel. This is believed to have been a return trip from Bridgnorth to Eardington, photographed by David Cooke [ (here)] and [ (here)].
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