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*1969: All goods traffic north of Bewdley ceased with the closure of [[Alveley Sidings | Alveley Colliery]]. This enabled the SVR Society to rent the former goods-shed and yard (even though they had not yet opened the first section of the railway between Bridgnorth and Hampton Loade by that time). This space was used for restoration of locomotives and rolling stock, 4566 and 1501 being among the earliest residents.
*1970: Passenger services to Kidderminster and Hartlebury ended on 5 January, ending the pre-preservation use of Bewdley Station. 
A 1935 GWR plan of Bewdley shows an "Ambulance" in the Down Yard. This was a grounded M&SWJR coach body used as a First Aid training centre.
File:Bewdley-Railcar-1962-10-06.jpg|An ex-GWR DMU arrives at Bewdley in October 1962 ([[Sellick Collection]])
File:Closure_Notice.jpg | Closure notice
File:Bewdley ambulance.jpg | Plan showing ambulance in Down Yard
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