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March 22

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*1971 [[GWR 107291 Macaw B Bogie Bolster]] and [[GWR 42343 Machinery Flat]] arrived on the SVR from Round Oak Steelworks.
*1986 [[BR Riddles 4MT 75069]] ran light engine from Tyseley to Saltley to take over from 777 Sir Lamiel on the South Yorkshireman to Marylebone.<ref>Six Bells Junction, SVR News 79</ref>
*1986 [[GWR 4930 Hagley Hall]] worked five Tiddly Dyke Tours between Andover and Ludgershall.<ref>Six Bells Junction, SVR News 80, page 4</ref>
*1988 [[BR 4593 Tourist Standard Open]] arrived on the SVR from Carnforth.
*2000 Roger Smith transferred ownership of [[BR Class 52 D1013 Western Ranger|D1013 Western Ranger]] to Western Ranger Ltd. It is now owned by the charitable [[Western Locomotive Association]].
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