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}}GWR Churchward toplight 'Snake C' Passenger Brake (BG) No 1145 was built in 1922. Accommodation consisted of a guard’s compartment situated between two luggage vans, with a corridor along one side to allow passengers to pass through, but this was removed when the coach was transferred into departmental use for delivering DMU parts to Swindon Works.
1145 arrived on the SVR from Bristol on 11 September 1973. It has previously seen use as “Santa’s Grotto”[[Santa's Grotto]], but after the SVR obtained replacement vehicles in 1999, 1145 saw use as a store. In 2007 was moved to [[Bewdley]] and briefly used as accommodation, then as the [[List of shops|LNER (SVR) Coach Fund shop]] until its deteriorating condition led to its temporary replacement by [[LNER 70759 Gangwayed Full Brake/Pigeon Van|LNER Pigeon Van 70759]]. In order to release 70759 for restoration, the [[The LNER (SVR) Coach Fund]] agreed with the [[Great Western (SVR) Assoc.|Great Western (SVR) Association]] that, in return for the LNER Fund’s working members carrying out basic conservation and restoration work, it would be used as [[The Great Western (SVR) Association Shop]].  Sister [[GWR 261 Toplight 'Snake C' Passenger Brake|261]] is also resident on the SVR.
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