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DRG 64 305

No change in size, 9 February
The DRG Class 64 was a standard passenger train tank engine with a wheel arrangement of 1'C1' ([[UIC classification]]) or 2-6-2 ([[Whyte notation]]). This locomotive was built by the German firm of Krupp in 1934 for the German state railway Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft (DRG).
Its first allocation in 1934 was to Köln at Geldern shed for use on local passenger services. In March 1943 it transferred to Nürnberg at Würzburg shed, initially on passenger work and later on freight. At the end of World War Two it came under the “Deutsches Bundesbahn” (DB) West Germany State Railway under which in 1950 it received its first major overhaul since 1938. It was then allocated to Aschaffenburg, Bavaria working services to Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Gemunden and latterly Miltenburg. It transferred to Weiden shed, also in Bavaria, and its final months were spent on works trains at Weiden depot, also in Bavaria, last working on 18 March 1974<ref>SVR Stock Book Fifth Edition</ref><ref>[ David S. Harrison] (Retrieved 9 Gebruary February 2020)</ref>.
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