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Doctor Who (Black Orchid)

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'''Black Orchid ''' was a two part Doctor Who story episode, first broadcast in on BBC1 on 1 and 2 March 1982and starring Peter Davidson as the Fifth Doctor.<br>The story was set in England in 1925and was essentially a murder mystery with no monsters or aliens<ref>'Black Orchid’, BBC DVD, sleeve notes</ref>.  ==Filming on the SVR==No new filming took place on the SVR for this episode, with the railway scenes being filmed in October 1981 at Quainton Road station, home of the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. However at the beginning of the episode, just before the Tardis lands on the station platform, except for the effect of a working station was achieved using visual effects smoke combined with a brief cutaway shot of [[GWR Small Prairie 4566]] passing setting off past [[Arley signal box]] reused taken from the earlier BBC production [[God's Wonderful Railway]] .<ref>'Black Orchid’, BBC DVD, ‘Now and which can be seen Then’ special feature</ref> Quainton Road was renamed 'Cranleigh Halt' for filming, although the 'Arley Signal Box' name plate is visible in this [https://yoututhe background of the cutaway Youtube clip]
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*[ Black Orchid (Doctor_Who) on Wikipedia]
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