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Silver Blaze

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'''Silver Blaze (1977) ''' was a 25 minute episode in ITV’s ‘The Sunday Drama’ series, first aired on 27 November 1977. The joint British/Canadian television film production by HTV, ATV and TVOntario was based on Arthur Conan Doyle's story of the same name, starring and starred Christopher Plummer as Sherlock Holmes.and Thorley Walters as Doctor Watson<ref>IMDB<br/ref>. ==Filming on the SVR== The film features [[GWR Small Prairie 4566]] and a train including two [[Carriages formerly resident on the SVR|former SVR resident carriages]], LNWR 6-wheeled saloon, later Army 3005 and SECR Open First (later Family Saloon) No.177, later Army 3006. Holmes and Watson are seen aboard the train, which arrives at Tavistock ([[Arley]]) where they alight on their way to Baskerville Hall.  [[GWR Pannier 5764]] also makes a brief appearance at the endof the episode.
==See also==
[[List of film and TV productions filmed on the Severn Valley Railway]]
 *[ ttep_ep15 The Sunday Drama: Silver Blaze episode on YouTubeIMDB]<br>*[httphttps://www.csyoutube.vintagecarriagestrust.orgcom/se/CarriageInfo.aspwatch?Refv=578 LNWR 6SULYStll-wheeled saloon on wwwl4&]<br>[ SECR Open First 228 Silver Blaze clip on www.vintagecarriagestrust.orgYouTube]
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