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The early growth of Stourport saw a corresponding decline in the fortunes of [[Bewdley]] as a port.<ref>[[Bibliography#Books | Marshall (1989)]] p.12.</ref> However further significant growth of Stourport was effectively ended by the opening of the Worcester and Birmingham Canal in 1816. This provided a direct link between the two towns.
A [[Excursions by Railway|description of the newly opened Severn Valley branch]] in 1863 describes: "Stourport is marked in the distance by three tall smoking chimneys, and as you pass through the station the sensitive nose detects the not unpleasant aroma of bark, leather-tanning being the staple trade of the town. Just before reaching the station the line crosses the little river which gives its name to the town, and we arrive within sight of the Severn"<ref>"Excursions by Railway", Worcester Journal, 25 April 1863</ref>.
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