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October 26

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*1892 Additional sidings at [[Bridgnorth]] were approved for use by Major Marindin of the Board of Trade.<ref>[[Bibliography#Books|Marshall (1989)]] p.105.</ref>
*1965 Four members of the [[Severn Valley Railway Society]], led by [[John Garth]], met with BR to discuss its tender offer for the line from [[Bridgnorth]] to milepost 144&frac12;.<ref>SVR News 191</ref><ref>Magner (1997) pp. 43-46</ref>
*1998 Briefly repainted into Manchester Ship Canal black livery to celebrate her centenary, [[686 The Lady Armaghdale|HE 686]] appeared at an Enthusiasts event on the East Lancashire Railway.<Ref>SVR News 126</ref>
*[[Severn Valley Railway Timeline 2010-2019#2012|2012]] A race from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster was staged between [[SR 34053 Sir Keith Park]] and a Morgan 3-wheeler car to raise money for the BBC’s Children In Need. The car won by 5 minutes, with over £5,000 raised for the charity.
*2018 The [[Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust Ltd]] submitted its bid to the HLF for funds to repair [[Falling Sands Viaduct]].
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