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LMS 24617 Corridor Composite

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|lot = 1500
|cartype = [[:Category:BR Carriage classification codes#LMS Codes|CBC]], [[:Category: Carriage Type CK|CK]]
|length = 60ft 0¾in
|weight = 30T
|seats = 24 first, 18 third
|built = 1949
}}Sir William Stanier was succeeded as CME of the LMS by C E Fairburn in 1944 and H G Ivatt in 1945. Although neither produced any new carriage designs, they did implement some of Stanier’s style changes. Among those was the port-hole stock, echoing that used by the 1938 streamliners. Following nationalisation in January 1948, BR continued to build LMS style carriages into the early 1950s.
==Service==Corridor Composite (CK) 24617 was built at Derby in June 1950, as lot number 1500 to diagram 2159. <ref>[[Bibliography#Other References|Jenkinson & Essery (1977)]] p. 110.</ref> The steel framing and all-welded construction gives a slightly more rounded profile than the earlier timber-framed stock. It has four First class and three Third class compartments, with a lavatory at each end. It served on BR’s Western Region until 1968, when it was declared surplus to requirements by BR at Didcot only weeks after a full works overhaul.
24617 arrived on the SVR from Didcot on 28 August 1968 with several other vehicles. Former owning group the ‘LMS & BR Coach Fund’ donated all its vehicles to [[Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust Ltd | The SVR Charitable Trust]] in 2007. The Trust’s web site notes that 24617 has run in SVR service every season since 1968. It forms part of [[Carriages#Set_L|the LMS Maroon set (Set L)]], notwithstanding that it was not built until after nationalisation.
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