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October 16

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*1961 A one-week survey of passenger numbers on the Severn Valley branch began. The results were used to support BR's proposal to close the line.<ref>[[Bibliography#Books|Magner (1997)]] p. 24.</ref>
*[[Severn Valley Railway Timeline 1970-1979#1971|1971]] The first meeting of the [[Severn Valley Railway Association]] took place.<ref>SVR News 21</ref>
*1983 An [ image] of the [[National Railway Museum|NRM's]] LNWR Ramsbottom 0-4-0ST No 1439 was taken at [[Arley]]. The locomotive had been filmed the previous April for the making of [[The Fasting Girl]].
*1995 ownership of [[BR Class 52 D1013 Western Ranger|D1013 Western Ranger]] passed to Roger Smith.
*1999 [[BR Riddles 4MT 80079|80079]] operated the 'Three Spires Local' railtour from Birmingham to Crewe with sister 80098.
*[[Severn Valley Railway Timeline 2000-2009#2004 | 2004]] The climax of [[Railcar50]] saw a 12-car multiple unit in operation, believed to be the longest DMU working in preservation.
*2010 [[BR Class 37 37906|37906]] appeared at the National Railway Museum's Class 37 Diesel Anniversary Weekend.<ref> Ruston 906 Group website</ref>
*2011 [[GWR 9085 First Sleeper]] moved to Arley after overhaul, allowing sister [[GWR 9084 First Sleeper|9084]] to move to [[Kidderminster]], both in use for staff accommodation<ref>SVR News 173, 175</ref>.
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