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September 15

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[[File:Kidderminster turntable.jpg|right|300px|thumb|Ownership of the turntable passed to the Charitable Trust on 15 September 2009]]On {{PAGENAME}} in SVR history.
*1984 [[GWR 65801 Mogo Van]] re-entered service during the [[Autumn Steam Gala|Enthusiasts' Weekend]] on the [[Demonstration Goods Train|demonstration goods train]] following overhaul and repainting.<ref>SVR News 74</ref>
*[[Severn Valley Railway Timeline 1990-1999#1990|1990]] The Bishop of Dudley officiated at a service held on [[Kidderminster]] station concourse to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the formation of the SVR.<ref>SVR News 98</ref>
*[[SVR-based diesel locomotives visiting other events#Timeline_1990-1999|1991]] The Laira Open Day featured amongst the preserved locomotives [[BR Class 42 D821 Greyhound|D821 Greyhound]], [[BR Class 52 D1013 Western Ranger|D1013 Western Ranger]], [[BR Class 52 D1015 Western Champion|D1015 Western Champion]] and [[BR Class 52 D1062 Western Courier|D1062 Western Courier]]. Amongst the mainline fleet were [[50007]], [[50031]] and withdrawn [[50049]].<ref>[ BR Open Days] (Retrieved 1 September 2019)</ref>
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