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September 9

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*1972 Ex-LNER [[61994 The Great Marquess|3442 The Great Marquess]] and [[LNER 24068 Composite Corridor Brake|Composite Corridor Brake 24068]] arrived on the SVR, the latter being the first of the Gresley teak carriages to move to the SVR
*1973 After several test steamings and checks, [[61994 The Great Marquess|3442]] worked Bridgnorth to Hampton Loade services for the first time since arrival and overhaul at the SVR.<ref>SVR News 29</ref>
*1978 [[BR Standard Class 7 70000 Britannia|70000 Britannia]] worked services between Bewdley and Foley Park during the [[Autumn Steam Gala|Autumn Enthusiasts' Weekend]]
*[[Severn Valley Railway Timeline 1970-1979#1979|1979]] [[2857]], the first Churchward 2-8-0 to be steamed in preservation, moved under her own power for the first time.<ref>SVR News 53</ref>
*1985 [[BR Class 08 D3586]] was withdrawn from BR service
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