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[[<!--IMAGE FILE-->File:75069_20190514GER_564_20170922.jpg |thumb|centre|300px|link=<!--PAGE TO LINK TO-->BR Riddles 4MT 75069 Autumn Gala| 75069 For many enthusiasts the '''Autumn Steam Gala''' is a BR Standard 4MT 4-6-0 locomotive designed by Rthe highlight of the SVR year, featuring overnight running and visiting locomotives.AAutumn Steam Galas began as "Enthusiasts' Weekends" and featured home locomotives only. Riddles. The Standard 4MT was designed for mixed traffic use on secondary routes where In the BR Standard Class 5 1980s, visiting locomotives began to appear and its predecessor, have done so for each year the ‘Black Five’, would be too heavyGala has run since 1990. 75069 resumed service on 6 September Three first-time visitors will appear in 2019 after repairs following a collision with a fallen tree between [[Hampton Loade]] and [[Country Park Halt]] during July. [[<!--PAGE TO LINK TO-->BR Riddles 4MT 75069 Autumn Steam Gala| (Full article...)]]]]
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