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BR Standard Class 7 70000 Britannia

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After a period of ownership by [[The Waterman Railway Heritage Trust|Pete Waterman]], the locomotive was bought by Jeremy Hosking and was transferred to the Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust <ref>[ Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust web page] Retrieved 25 February 2015.</ref>. Britannia returned as a guest locomotive for the [[Steam Locomotives visiting the SVR for galas|2015 and 2018 Autumn Steam Galas]]. It is operated on the main line by Icons of Steam.<ref>[ Icons of Steam] Retrieved 15 January 2018.</ref>
Footage of the delivery of 70000 from Crewe to Bridgnorth on 4 September 2018 was included in the UKTV programme [[List of film and TV productions filmed on the Severn Valley Railway|Train Tuckers]] first broadcast 30 August 2019.
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