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October 6

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*2013 A shunt at The Engine House saw [[4930 | 4930 Hagley Hall]] leave for overhaul at Bridgnorth, replaced by [[45110]]. Other exhibits were rearranged, including Jinty [[47383]].
*[[Tales from the Severn Valley#Class_50_Golden_Jubilee|2018]] At the Class 50 Golden Jubilee [[50049]] was formally rededicated at [[Kidderminster]] by Commodore Robert Bellfield, Royal Navy, Commander Devonport Flotilla, Devonport Dockyard – the former home to training base HMS Defiance.
==Gallery==Photos taken on 6 October:<gallery>12099_20131006.jpg | 2013: [[12099]] passing Highley45110_20131006.jpg | 2013: [[45110]] awaiting entry to [[The Engine House]]4930_20131006.jpg | 2013: [[4930|4930 Hagley Hall]] leaving Highley for Bridgnorth</gallery>
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