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The station is controlled by two signal boxes, [[Bewdley South signal box | Bewdley South]] and [[Bewdley North signal box | Bewdley North]]. The section through platforms 1 and 2 is the only [[Double track | double track]] section of the present SVR. This is worked under [[Absolute Block]] regulations.
The [[Bewdley Down Yard|yard]] at Bewdley is home to the [[Bewdley Carriage & Wagon Department | Carriage and Wagon department]] which supplements the [[Carriage Repair Works | Carriage Repair Department]] at Kidderminster and maintains the fleet of goods wagons. A considerable amount of [[The 4150 Fund:Category:Rolling stock in Bewdley Down Yard|rolling stock is stabled there]] are also restoring GWR locomotive including [[GWR Large Prairie 4150 Rolling stock currently under restoration| 4150rolling stock under restoration]] in Bewdley yard. Public access to the yard is available during the annual [[Open House Weekend]] (and was formerly available during the [[Peep Behind the Scenes]] event, organised by the 4150 Fund).
[[Bewdley MPD]] is home to the [[Class 108 DMU]]. Other operational locomotives are also stabled at Bewdley, running light engine to Kidderminster at the start and end of each day as required. On certain Gala days a DMU shuttle service is operated between [[Stourport Triangle]], Bewdley and the short remaining length of former [[Tenbury Branch]] track immediately north of Bewdley to recreate the feel of a country junction station.
Bewdley has limited public pay and display parking. Three [[List of shops | sales coaches]] run by support groups are adjacent to the car park.
In March 2018 the buffet adjacent to Platform 1 (but not the more recent toilet block and kitchen) was closed pending demolition of the buffet building, which took place from 16-19 July. [[BR 4593 Tourist Standard Open]] was moved to the dock in front of the buffet to be used as seating for staff and the public, with table service provided from the kitchen.
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