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John Hill

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John was elected Chairman of the SVRA in succession to [[John Garth]] at the AGM on 17 November 1973.<ref>SVR News 30</ref> One of his first duties was to organise a collection for a wreath for the late [[Sir Gerald Nabarro]].<ref>SVR News 34</ref>
During his time as SVRA Chairman, the SVR extended services to Bewdley in 1974, resulting in a greater pressure of work on the already hard-pressed volunteer labour force which the SVRA represented.<ref>SVR News 35, SVRA Chairman’s report</ref> He was succeeded as Chairman of the SVRA by [[Ron Gardner ]] during 1976.<ref>SVR News 40</ref>
By spring 1975 John was a Director of the Guarantee Company and also on the Board of SVR(H) as one of that company’s nominees.<ref>SVR News 36</ref>
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Trustworthy, administrator

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