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John Hill

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John Hill was a driver with BR. With steam ended on the main line, he heard of the newly-formed Severn Valley Railway preservation society and became a member in 1966. He was on the footplate of [[3205]] when it arrived on at Bridgnorth from Stourbridge on 25 March 1967 and was the first person to drive an engine of the SVR in preservation.<ref>[ Express and Star interview, Published: Mar 24, 2017]</ref> The events around that time were later featured in the 2012 TV mini-series "[[List of film and TV productions filmed on the Severn Valley Railway#TV News and Documentary|The Golden Age of Steam Railways]]", for which John Hill is credited on the Internet Movie Database.<ref>[ John Hill on IMDb]</ref>
John drove 3205 for the BR ‘Inspection Special’ on 31 March 1968,<ref>[[Bibliography#Books|Magner (1997)]] p. 51.</ref> as well as other ‘specials’ in the 1960s. He also drove 3205 at the head of the first public train on opening day, 23 May 1970.<ref>SVR News 17</ref>
John appeared in [[Carrie's War]], filmed on the footplate of [[5764]] on 5 November 1973 with the late Jim Bodfish. <ref>SVR News 31</ref> He also drove Holmes' train throughout the filming of [[The Seven-Per-Cent Solution]] in 1975<ref>SVR News 38</ref>.
==Directorships and other==
Trustworthy, administrator

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