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GWR 9 Riding/Dormitory Van

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[[File: {{Infobox wagon|image = GWR_9_20150411.jpg |thumb|300px|right| caption = GWR Riding and Dormitory Van 9]]|construc = GWR Swindon|status = Static use|wagno = 9|othernos = DW 9<ref name=RHRWS>Railway Heritage Register Wagon Survey</ref>|designed = |diagram = |lot = 695<ref name=RHRWS/>|wagtype = 4-w riding/dormitory van|telcode = n/a|brakes = |built = 1912|years1 = 1972|events1 = Arrived on SVR|years2 = |events2 = |years3 = |events3 = |years4 = |events4 = |years5 = |events5 = |years6 = |events6 = }} 9 is a GWR 4-wheel Riding and Dormitory Van. In service these ran paired with 6-wheel Tool vans such as [[GWR 66 Breakdown Tool Van | GWR 66]], and were stationed at GWR loco sheds. The Tool and Riding Van pairs would be required to attend mishaps as fast as possible and were vacuum-braked to allow running at near express speeds.
9 was built at Swindon in 1912. It arrived on the SVR from Danygraig, Swansea in May 1972, <ref>Severn Valley Railway Stock Book Ninth Edition</ref> and is situated in Bewdley yard.
==See also==
Railway Heritage Register Wagon Survey<br>Severn Valley Railway Stock Book Ninth Edition<brreferences/>
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