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November 15

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[[File:Kidderminster signal box.jpg |thumb|300px|right| Kidderminster Signal Box]]On {{PAGENAME}} in SVR history.
*[[Severn Valley Railway Timeline 1980-1989#1987 | 1987]] During the final week before commissioning, the cast nameplate was attached to [[Kidderminster Station signal box (1987 onwards)|Kidderminster Signal Box]].<ref>SVR News 87</ref>*2000 Contractors began the reinstatement of 100 ft of track north of [[Knowlesands Tunnel]] which had been washed out by rain on 5 November.<ref>SVR News 134</ref>*2001 A meeting was held at Bridgnorth Town Hall to launch the '[[Trevithick 200|Bridgnorth Hazeldine, Rastrick and Trevithick Project]]' ([[Catch Me Who Can]])<ref>SVR News 137</ref>. 
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