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Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust Ltd

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*The Charitable Trust funds most of the costs of the SVR’s [[Heritage Skills Training Academy ]] and team of apprentices. It costs £21,000 to fund an apprentice for one year, and the Trust funded £165,125 in 2017 (2016: £35,000).<ref>[ SVR Charitable Trust Report and Financial Statements 30 June 2017]</ref>
*In May 2016, the Trust secured a grant of £75,000 from the Department for Transport towards a project which will transform the Railway’s facilities for disabled visitors by adapting a carriage to wheelchair use to complete the SVR’s fleet of accessible carriages, and rebuilding a second carriage to provide wheelchair-accessible dining facilities
*It works with supporters to ensure their wishes are kept when they decide to leave a final legacy to the Railway in their Will.
[[Falling Sands Viaduct]]<br>
[[The Engine House#Commemorative_Garden|Commemorative Garden]]
[[Heritage Skills Training Academy]]
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