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Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust Ltd

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Origins and Objects
Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust Ltd is a Registered Charity, Number 1092723, for the purpose of raising funds to support the SVR. It is commonly referred to on the SVR as "the Charitable Trust", and was originally called the SVR Rolling Stock Trust. Its objectives are to help fund restoration and maintenance projects, to help arrest the decline of heritage engineering skills and to safeguard the long-term future and operational capability of the Railway.  == Origins and Objects ==The SVR Rolling Stock Trust Company Limited was incorporated on 17 December 2001 as a private company limited by guarantee, company number 04341280. As a charitable body, its Objects were:<ref>Companies House</ref>  "''To advance education for the benefit of the public by:''*''the acquisition, restoration, preservation, operation maintenance and display of heritage railway locomotives, coaches, wagons and artefacts''*''the provision of facilities for the education, training and certification of trainees in the practicalities, techniques and methods used in the restoration, repair and operation of historic railways''" In mid-2012 the Trust took on a wider remit as the SVR's general charitable trust, for which purpose it adopted its present name.<ref>SVR News 178</ref> The current (2017) Articles of Association state that:<ref>[ Companies House]</ref> "''The Charity’s Objects are specifically restricted to the following'':*''to advance education for the benefit of the public by the acquisition, restoration, preservation and operation of heritage railway locomotives, carriages, wagons, station buildings, track and other associated infrastructure''*''establishing buildings to house and preserve the Charity’s rolling stock collection''*''the provision of educational and interpretive displays for the travelling public and''*''the provision of education and skills training used in the restoration, repair and operation of historic railways to ensure their long term survival''"
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