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February 25

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[[File:Steam Locomotive 43106 3 (4507428635).jpg|thumb|300px|right|Ivatt Mogul 43106]]On {{PAGENAME}} in SVR history.
*1967 While based at Carlisle Kingsmoor Depot, future SVR resident [[43106|Ivatt Mogul 43106]] made her most northerly run into Scotland on a railtour from Carlisle to Beattock and back, becoming the last steam loco to use Beattock turntable. <ref>SVR News 12, SVR News 22</ref> *1970 A contract was made between Shropshire County Council and the [[Severn Valley Railway Company Limited|Guarantee Company]] requiring the former to give three months' notice of their intention to begin construction of Bridgnorth Bypass.<ref>SVR News 25</ref>*1999 A charter special ran from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth with the first SVR crew drawn entirely from volunteers born after the end of the BR steam era in 1968<ref>SVR News 129</ref>. 
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