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*[[The Severn Valley Railway under GWR/BR ownership#Great Western Railway: 1872-1947|1898]] The [[Kidderminster and Stourport Electric Tramway]] began a tram service between the two towns, providing competition for the GWR's rail services.
*[[Severn_Valley_Railway_Timeline_1970-1979#1975 | 1975]] The [[Arley]] loop was opened.
*[[Severn Valley Railway Timeline 1980-1989#1980 | 1980]] The SVR’s [[GWR 2251 Class 3205|3205]], [[LMS Ivatt Class 4 43106|43106]], [[LMS Stanier Class 5 45000|45000]], [[LMR 600 Gordon|600 Gordon]], [[BR Riddles 4MT 80079|80079]], [[BR Class 52 D1062 Western Courier|D1062 Western Courier]] and 3 coaches took part in the Rocket 150 celebrations at Rainhill.
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