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*1878: The Kidderminster Loop opened on 1 June.
*1900: Authorisation was given for additional siding space including the [[Rock Siding]] at the back of Platform 3 and the siding along the far side of the yard.
*1962: Passenger services to Tenbury ceased on 29 31 July <ref>[[Bibliography#Books|Beddoes and Smith ((1995)]] p. 193.</ref> (services beyond Tenbury to Woofferton had ended a year earlier).
*1963: Passenger services towards Shrewsbury ceased on 9 September, with through freight services ending at the end of November. The Public Notice announcing closure of the line can be seen behind the ‘Platform 1’ sign in the photograph to the right (a copy of the closure notice is on display in [[The Engine House]]).
*1964: Goods services ended on the Tenbury Branch and the line was closed.
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