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GWR 80972 Inspection Saloon

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{{Infobox carriage|image = GWR_80972_20191019.jpg|caption = GWR 80972 Inspection Saloon|construc = GWR Swindon|status = In service|carno = W80972W|othernos = 80972|designed = Hawksworth|diagram = Q13|lot = 1701|cartype = Nondescript, [[File:GWR Q13 inspection saloon 80972 at Bridgnorth.jpgCategory:Carriage Type INSP|INSP]]|built = 1948|length = 52ft 0in|weight = 31t (approx)|seats = 23 (as now used)|years1 = 1973|events1 = Preserved|years2 = 2006|events2 = Arrived on SVR|years3 = |events3 = |years4 = |events4 = |thumbyears5 = |300pxevents5 = |rightyears6 = |events6 = }}'''GWR 80972 Inspection Saloon]]80972 W80972W''' is one of six seven 52ft inspection saloons (INSP) built at Swindon as lot number 1701 to diagram Q13. <ref>[[Bibliography#Other References|Harris (1966)]] p. 120.</ref><ref>[[Bibliography#Other References|Longworth (2018)]] p.171.</ref> It was ordered under FW Hawksworth’s tenure as GWR CME, although it has little visual similarity to his other carriage designs. It entered service in 1948 in what had by then become the BR Western Region.
==80972 entered preservation in 1973 at service==80972 was allocated to Shrewsbury, where it spent most of its working life as the Birmingham Railway Museum District Civil Engineers mobile offices,<ref name=SVR155>SVR News 155 'New Arrivals' (now Tyseley Locomotive Works[[Hugh McQuade]])</ref> also referred to as the Area Manager's saloon. It arrived made regular trips on the SVR circa February 2006Severn Valley branch and the Cambrian line, having been bought where it was used for inspection duties such as signal-sighting trips by the Salop S&T Department. Traction was normally provided by Phil and Caroline Swallowan Ivatt 2-6-0 'Mickey Mouse' or a GW Mogul,<ref name=SVR154>Letter in SVR News 154</ref>, owner of Taw Valley and members of although on one occasion it was photographed at Longville on the Great Western (Much Wenlock branch behind future SVR) Associationresident [[5764]]. It <ref name=SVR155/> When not in use, it was overhauled before entering service circa March 2011housed in its own shed at Burnt Mill Siding, just on the Severn Valley branch beyond [[List of signal boxes#List of historical Signal Boxes and Ground Frames|Burnt Mill Junction]].<ref name=SVR154/>
{{As ==80972 in preservation==80972 entered preservation in 1973 at the Birmingham Railway Museum (now Tyseley Locomotive Works). While there it made several outings behind 7029 Clun Castle, including visits to the SVR. It arrived on the SVR on 13 December 2005, having been bought by Phil and Caroline Swallow, owner of [[SR 34027 Taw Valley]] and members ofthe [[Great Western (SVR) Assoc.|2017}}Great Western (SVR) Association]].<ref name=SVR155/>  In February 2007 it underwent an overhaul. New upholstery and carpets were fitted, the four settees being re-covered within the vehicle as they cannot be extracted without removing windows. Other work included the installation of stainless steel roof tanks for the lavatory and kitchen, and repairs to floor joists and one table to remedy breakages inherited when the vehicle was purchased.<ref>SVR News 158</ref> Following the [[2007 Storm Damage]], SVR Patron HRH The Duke of Gloucester visited the SVR on 3 October and 80972 was used to form a 'royal train' hauled by [[4566]] between Kidderminster and Bewdley, the only section of line in use at the time. Further internal work was carried out in 2009 on both 80972 and sister coach 80979 to bring them up to the same standard. Items fitted to 80972 to match those in 80979 included two cup holders manufactured in-house, an Iroko tray fitted over the heater covers to prevent cups and wine glasses placed there by guests sliding off when the locomotive brakes, and small mats let into the carpet at the four doorways. The ceiling cladding around the water tank in the kitchen also received attention.<ref>SVR News 168</ref> 80972 is used as an Observation Car, normally being attached to the end of a rake of carriages for private hire or ‘cream tea’ specials. For the 2017 [[Christmas services]] it became known as the "Shrewsbury Saloon". It seats up to 23 people and is furnished with armchairs, settees and tables in the two saloons, which are separated by a corridor off which are found a toilet, small kitchen and guard’s office. It is finished in plain BR(W) chocolate and cream livery with no insignia, and is numbered W80972W (BR practice was to include a prefix showing the area to which the carriage was allocated and a suffix for inherited carriages indicating the company of origin). It was repainted in [[Bridgnorth Loco Works|Bridgnorth Loco Works paint shop]] during 2020<ref>SVR News 210</ref>.
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