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Info on the town
The area formerly occupied by the station is now part of a housing estate.
==The town of Stourport==
The origins of the Worcestershire town of Stourport date back to the completion of the [[Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal]] in 1771. In that year John Wesley described Stourport as a "well-built village", but following the opening of the canal for trade in 1772 the village quickly grew into a town based around the large canal basins that served as the ‘port’, reaching a population of 1,300 by 1795.<ref>[ Stourport on Wikipedia]</ref>
The early growth of Stourport saw a corresponding decline in the fortunes of [[Bewdley]] as a port.<ref>[[Bibliography#Books || Marshall (1989)]] p.12.</ref> However further significant growth of Stourport was effectively ended by the opening of the Worcester and Birmingham Canal in 1816. This provided a direct link between the two towns.
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