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A number of brick and tile works were situated in Jackfield, around ¾ mile from Ironbridge. These companies made use of the siding which was progressively extended; by 1900 reaching almost ½ mile in length and controlled by three ground frames. There were road level crossings next to both the Middle and South ground frames, the gates of the former being wide enough to cross the Severn Valley main line and two lines of sidings.[1]

Although much goods traffic made use of the siding, there was no provision for passenger traffic until the arrival of the first Jackfield Halt in 1934. This was located towards Coalport, between the Jackfield siding and that of Maw & Co.

The area today

Photograph 1: The middle crossing gates at Jackfield were restored by Telford and Wrekin Council in 1999 as part of the upgrade of the Severn Valley Way footpath, now shared by National Cycle Route 45. The gates are 38ft in width.[2]
Photograph 2: The 'platform' on the left formed part of the sidings; there were no passenger facilities within the Jackfield siding.
Photograph 3: A plaque installed by Jackfield Residents Association gives more information on the crossing gates and sidings

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